APC LSW800 Voltage Regulator Stabilizer Ideal for Refrigerator, TV & Set Top Box, Electrical & Electronics Appliances

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APC Automatic voltage regulation for protection against brownouts and over voltages. It protects your sensitive electronic equipment from brownouts (under voltages) and over voltages with APC Line-R automatic voltage stabilizer. Uncorrected voltage fluctuations gradually degrade the life of electronic components, potentially causing premature failure. The APC LSW800 not only adjusts voltages to safe levels, but also provides surge protection against electrical surges and spikes – even lightning.
800VA / 400 Watt Automatic Voltage Regulator Device (Without Battery Backup)
Ideal for Home Electronics and Electrical Appliances with load capacity upto 400 Watts
Handles power fluctuation effectively with wide Voltage Range of 160 to 285 Volts
Automatically steps up low voltage and steps down high voltage to levels that are suitable for your equipment
(3) Indian 2/3-pin Outlets with 6A (Surge Protection), Sockets are placed on Top for easy operation
DISCLAIMER: This device is Voltage Regulator and not a UPS or Power Backup System. It provides power protection from Voltage fluctuation and does not provide any power backup in the event of power failure

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